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Lifting up One Household at a Time

Madisonville Education and Assistance CenterMEAC provides vital assistance primarily to people in need who reside in the Madisonville community.  In 2009, MEAC began offering a preschool literacy program for children ages 3-5. MEAC expanded the Early Literacy Program to help children through 3rd grade.

For the second school year in a row, MEAC’s Early Literacy Program is helping preschoolers through third graders improve their reading skills. Only 44% of the 3rd grade students at John P. Parker Elementary School tested at or above a proficient level in the 2009-2010 school year. That means that 56% tested below their reading level. Surprising? MEAC thought so too. That’s why Robyn White, their Literacy Program Coordinator, developed this program to help kids improve their reading skills and gain a love of reading.

The MEAC Early Literacy Program expects to close the achievement gap by providing an after school program that is research based and provides teaching that is

  • Honey Bee Children's Bookstoresystematic
  • Honey Bee Children's Bookstorecaptivating
  • Honey Bee Children's Bookstoreand focused on success

in addition to being attuned to the individual needs of each student.

Please bring your gently used books to donate to the MEAC Early Literacy Program and contribute to the honey jug so we can buy new books for Christmas!

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